We are the Bartlett Family and our foster journey started three years ago.  We received our first placement in November of 2019.  We started out with DFCS and the Lord called us over to Camp Rock in summer of 2020.  The amount of support Camp Rock has been able to give our family has been amazing.  We started out wanting to foster 3-8 year olds but the Lord laughed.  He called us to foster newborn-18! We have been able to love and serve 10 kiddos during this short 3 year span. We have had children as short as a weekend up to very very long term.  Our favorite story is our son we had for 13 months and he was able to go home to mama!!! We built a friendship with her and truly partnered with her.  We get to still see him and his mom and now little brother and do life together still as a family.

The Bartlett Family

Foster Family, Camp Rock of Georgia

When I was a kid, I was lost and unsure about my future. I started attending Camp Rock of Georgia events and saw how much I was loved. The community and faith that I found through Camp Rock taught me that I’m loved, valued, and helped me on my path to a future that I had only dreamt of. After my time as a student, I served at Camp Rock for 5 years leading camps, mentoring youth, and developing myself as a believer and leader. Now, i have the stable career of my dreams and a beautiful family with two foster daughters who are placed with us through the agency. Camp Rock now gives my family to tools to provide a stable, Christian, healthy lifestyle. Through discipleship, monthly mentors, enrichment activities (my girls really love horse riding lessons), we know we are loved and supported in our fostering journey.

Tammy Carter Marin

Foster Parent, Camp Rock of Georgia

Camp Rock of Georgia helped me grow as a person a Christian and is helping me now grow as an upcoming young adult. Camp Rock has made me into the leader I am today, now I’m helping the next generation of camp rockers as they trust me with leadersip roles at mentorship camp and Summer camp. As a child, I love that Camp Rock gave me the feeling of having a family and gave me male role models. As a leader, I see kids that were like me who are getting to smile and have fun.

Timmy Rosser

Camp Rock of GA Counselor