Camp Rock of Georgia began with a broken heart. There are so many children who are locked into a cycle of poverty and pain. Currently, Georgia has approximately 14,000 children in foster care.

There are also thousands of at-risk children who struggle to have their basic needs met. We are working hard to make a difference in the lives of these children and we would like to invite you to partner with us in our goal of eliminating the need for foster care in Georgia.
The following are our immediate and long-range goals:

Immediate Goals

  • Staff with an Administrator for Camp Rock of Georgia LLC. 
  • Staff with a Camp Manager for Wilderness Campus.
  • Trained Social Services Worker – focusing on reunification and training of parents, working with local court systems, to help them in raising and nurturing their children.
  • Construction of multiple cabins for Wilderness Camp that would sleep 20, with one toilet and two showers.
  • Expand services with partners who are like-minded and have similar goals .
  • To begin an agriturism portion to our growing outreach to the community. This would include educational activities such as how a pecan orchard is maintained and harvested, honey development and tasting, crop planting and harvesting, canning of vegetables, hay rides, animal care, etc. We believe that teaching children how to manage their money, to have a good work ethic, along with many other essential life skills is critically important. With this in mind, we will employ older children with various jobs throughout the Camp Rock campus.

2 Years

  • Construction of a storage and maintenance building for Wilderness Campus.
  • Large out-door pavilion at Wilderness Campus (to include lighting, sound amplification, stage, and seating 200).
  • Add glass and air conditioning to current dining hall.
  • Build new kitchen. 

3-5 Years 

  • Construction of permanent dwellings for children deemed “unadoptable.”
  • Staffing for these homes.
  • Camp Rock LLC. currently ministers to over a thousand children each year through its various activities and events. It is our intention to eventually provide college scholarships for some of these at-risk and foster children. We want to teach them that with the right people on their team, thier own hard work, and the grace of God, there is nothing that they can’t accomplish and become.