Camp Registration

Registration for Summer Camp is now Closed!

Camp dates for 2019 were July 8th-11th, and drop off for Monday morning was from 7-9am, and pick up was on Thursday at 10:30am — both pick up and drop off were at at the 4-H center located at 6048 4-H Club Rd, Lake Park, GA 31636.  Also, caregivers were asked to plan to attend the parent’s night at the camp on Wednesday evening of camp week at 7:30pm.

Lowndes County rents the 4-H Center to residents based on a lottery system — meaning that we have to draw for the week of camp. Therefore, we will not know when camp will be for 2020 until well into the winter (Jan. or Feb). But as soon as we know we will post it — click here. In the mean time if your child went to summer camp they will probably meet the requirements to attend Camp Rock Wilderness Camp (beginning in September, and runs concurrent with the school year). Click here for more information and to register.

Registration for summer camp is a two-step process. First, fill out the following registration form below. Second, you will receive an e-mail from us asking you to fill out and send back a camp packet (including a copy of your insurance card, and sign a waiver, etc.)  — please note that registration is limited and we will allocate slots based on the order in which we receive the second step of this process. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 299-244-1920, Monday-Friday, 9-am to 5pm.

Our theme for this year is “The Quest” — we will be on an expedition toward a deeper relationship with God!