Camp Rock’s mission is to provide an environment for children to develop a strong foundation in Christ by offering services to and for at-risk children in all aspects of their lives. Our three initiatives are Christmas at Camp Rock, Camp Rock Summer Camp, and Camp Rock Wilderness Camp. These events are designed to create an environment where children and their families can be surrounded by a nurturing environment that enriches their home life, strengthens their spiritual life, bringing structure, hope, stability, and healing to children living in the shadows.

From the seeds of possibility that are planted during a Christmas party and watered during a week at summer camp, through the pruning and nurturing of a 9 month Wilderness Camp we are seeing strong, confident, young adults emerge with like skills to nurture the next generation.

This is the mission of Camp Rock: to influence the life circumstances of at-risk children so that they develop the life skills needed to live out the full potential of the life God has given them. To accomplish this mission Camp Rock serves at-risk children through three initiatives.

Camp Rock Summer Camp – this week long residential camp, currently housed at an off-site county facility, gives low income and foster children the opportunity to spend a week enjoying outdoor activities while participating in Bible study, arts and crafts, singing and more. The summer camp has provided a week of adventure for over 500 at-risk children since 2011.

Christmas at Camp Rock – a one-day event during which foster children and their foster families are treated to a day of fun, food, and fellowship. Christmas at Camp Rock also provides the children with Christmas gifts their foster families may not be able to afford. In 2016 800 children and their foster families (about 3,000 people) attended the event located an off-site county facility.

Wilderness Camp – a nine-month program for at-risk children. The young people participate one weekend out of each month. Our wilderness campus includes outdoor activities like horseback riding and gardening. Children are also taught life skills such as first aid and personal finances.